Slumping at Your Desk or On Your Laptop is Damaging Your Spine

In today’s tech driven world, many of us spend our work day hunched over our desk, failing to sit up correctly. Our spine doesn’t get much of a break after work either. Unwinding in front of a laptop, smartphone or tablet has most people hunched over from the car all the way to the bedroom. As a result, many of us are at a real risk of getting a hunched back later in life. Those at the greatest risk are children and teens who have grown up using all of these modern gadgets. “Text Neck” is now the accepted term used to describe the neck pain and damage sustained from looking down at your electronic devices too frequently and for too long.

You Want to “Move it, Move it!”

The stiffness in your spine can actually build if you don’t change your activity or daily routine while working all day on a computer. With long-term neglect, one can develop an abnormal forward curvature in the upper back – a hunched back. If you experience neck pain after sitting at your desk all day, it could be a sign that your spine is developing stiffness. At Lewis Family Chiropractic, we always recommend that you get up from your desk and at least walk around, every 30 minutes when working all day at a computer. Getting up and moving around throughout the work day has been shown to reduce muscle discomfort, as well as eye strain (bonus!). Working on a tablet or laptop has been shown to result in a much more hunched posture than working at a regular computer desk, especially if you are sitting on the couch or in bed. It’s almost impossible to achieve a posture in bed that doesn’t strain your neck or back, and we recommend not making these positions a standard practice.

We Can Teach You a Quick Way to Refresh Your Spine While Sitting at Your Desk

There are exercises that you can do to alleviate, and hopefully avoid, any potential neck and back problems due to bad posture at work (or home). If you are experiencing pain, don’t wait until it becomes unbearable. Make an appointment with Dr. Greg at Lewis Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Westminster, MD for help with your posture and advice on stretches and exercises that you can do at the office or at home. We’ll also make sure there isn’t anything else going on that is causing the pain. Call 410-876-8885 today or request an appointment online.