Iodine for Mental and Physical Health

Iodine is essential for your body, and it’s detected in every organ and tissue in the human body. It’s responsible for the production of all the hormones, brain function, immune system function, cellular protection, detoxification, thyroid function and much more. However according to a recent study, one third of the world’s population lives in areas of Iodine deficiency.

Why the Widespread Iodine Deficiency?

Iodine deficiency is likely due to a reduction in iodized salt, eggs, fish, and sea vegetables consumption, iodine-depleted soils and the removal of iodine as a dough conditioner in bread. There is also less use of iodide in the food and agricultural industry. If you are exposed to a lot of bromine, your body will not hold on to the iodine that it needs. Bromides are found in baked goods, plastics, soft drinks, medications, pesticides and more. Likewise exposure to chlorine and fluoride; both halogens like bromine on the periodic chart, displace iodine and cover the iodine receptors rendering them inactive. So chlorinated pools and aerosol mist in the shower; as well as fluoride in toothpaste and in some drinking water, should be seriously looked at when assessing one’s health.

Iodine Supplements

Iodine has been seen to be a powerful antioxidant. It out-performed other antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E. Iodine is also needed for better thyroid function as thyroid hormone medications may falsely tell the body that there is no need to uptake iodine. Studies have also linked high levels of iodine to prostate health and to a reduction in fibrous tissue build up in the breast. It should also be noted that the Japanese consume 89 times more iodine than Americans due to their consumption of sea vegetables. The Japanese have the lowest rates of cancer in the world and reduced rates of many chronic diseases.

We carry several products that contain iodine. The important thing is to get checked with the Bioscan and/or have lab work done to see if you have a need for an iodine supplement, as proper dosage varies from person to person. Call 410-876-8885 and schedule an Bio-Wellness with Dr. Greg to see if an iodine supplement is right for you.