While flip flops are a definite favorite in the spring and summer – and even into the early fall (especially here in Maryland), they pose many risks to your short and long term health when worn often, or for long walks. Hanging out on the beach in your favorite flip flops is one thing – but going for a hike in them is another.

The reason? Flip flops provide very little or no support to the ankle and only minimal shock absorption during weight-bearing activity. This means increased wear and tear in the joint surfaces of the ankle, knee and spine. You also tend to alter the way you walk when wearing flip flops, which triggers a domino effect of physiological issues, starting with the feet, the ankles, and on up through the lower back and hips. Some people report swelling or discomfort in the knees and ankles after long periods of time in flip flops.

Pinched nerves, maladjustment of the spine, and tendinitis are just the beginning of potential problems. Injuries are also increased with wearing these tread-less shoes. It’s easy to slip, twist and ankle, or even worse, get your foot stuck under a gas or brake pedal and have a car accident.

Your best bet? Save the flip flops for the pool, beach or shower rooms. Wear fitted shoes and sandals for everything else. Your shoes should support your arches, feel comfortable and fit the entire foot without “flopping” off.

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