We’ve gotten off easy so far this winter but as everyone knows, winter can sometimes be harsh here in Carroll County, Maryland. The cold, wet, Maryland weather will sometimes have us all fighting to stay warm. When you find yourself struggling against Jack Frost, don’t forget to look out for the health of your back.

We tend to instinctively hunch up for warmth when the weather turns cold. Whether we’re hugging our legs in our chairs or curled up into a ball in bed, we’re putting extra strain on our lower backs. Meanwhile, your leg muscles can tighten and tug on your pelvis, moving your spine out of alignment. Your muscles are tighter and less flexible in the cold, therefore, they are limiting the range of motion of your joints. When you shiver, your muscles are rapidly and repeatedly contracting to generate heat to keep you warm.

Avoiding Pain in Colder Months

So what can you do to prevent back pain in the cold, winter weather? Obviously you can dress correctly for the cold by layering, and also limit your exposure to the cold. You can also take a hot shower that will help relax the muscles. Remember to employ good posture. If you do find yourself with back pain and it persists for more than three days, consult our chiropractic office here in Westminster for all of your back pain treatment needs at 410-876-8885.