Do you ever feel like you can predict the weather based on your pain? Have you ever heard someone claim that they can tell when it’s about to rain based on their knee or elbow acting up? It’s actually not as crazy as you might think. Though the link between the weather and chronic pain flare-ups is unclear, it would appear that there is a legitimate reason to believe that your pain can forecast the coming storm.

One of the popular theories is that chronic pain can be affected by changes in barometric pressure. Since the sites of chronic pain can have sensitized nerves, they may have an increased ability to pick up the subtle differences in the atmosphere brought on preceding a storm. These changes in pressure can inflame injured joints and bring about pain.

Some people neglect to get proper treatment for their pain because they are afraid of looking crazy if they said that it’s brought on by the weather. With that in mind, take proper care of yourself and if you are experiencing pain for a few days, call 410-876-8885 and schedule an appointment at Lewis Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Westminster, MD, regardless of the weather.