Lewis Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Westminster, MD offers K-Laser therapy for advanced pain relief to our patients in Westminster, MD. In fact, we are the only chiropractic office in Carroll County; and one of the few in the state, to offer this treatment for human patients. K-Laser plays a big role in veterinary medicine. Laser therapy has been used successfully in Europe for over forty years, and the K-Laser technology is an FDA approved “Cube” by K-Laser, a top of the line, Class IV therapeutic laser. It quickly and safely decreases pain, inflammation and swelling in patients, without drugs or surgery.

The K-Laser system offers a breakthrough treatment that is extremely effective in increasing the body’s own ability to heal itself. Typical treatment times are from 3 – 6 minutes. Patients typically see great improvements within three to six quick treatments. This breakthrough laser technology helps us treat patients with issues ranging from back pain, tendinitis, general back pain, leg pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, pinched nerves and other assorted issues.

The K-Laser system works using a light technology that increases the patient’s metabolism at a cellular level. This speeds up the body’s own healing process. It also triggers pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing mechanisms. Check out this video for more information on the K-Laser and its benefits, or contact our office today at 410-876-8885 for a complimentary introduction to our office and see if this treatment is right for you.