SpineMED® Decompression Therapy

SpineMED® is a non-surgical, drug-free procedure for those suffering discogenic pain.

Tired of Living With Back or Neck Pain – Related to Spinal Disc Problems?

Degenerated, ruptured, herniated, bulging, prolapsed or torn, and the “pinched nerves” or “sciatica” that usually follows?

SpineMED Decompression SystemDisc-related back and neck pain can mean a permanent loss of some function, forcing us to give up things in life no one should have to give up. The highly advanced SpineMED®, offered at Lewis Family Chiropractic, is a NON-SURGICAL, DRUG-FREE procedure that is EXCEPTIONALLY COMFORTABLE. It offers hope to patients looking for alternatives to spine surgery, injections or drugs.

Spinal decompression therapy has been available for over 50 years and the SpineMED® system is the latest (3rd) generation of non-surgical spinal decompression technology. The SpineMED® has been FDA cleared, and is used in medical clinics world-wide. Lewis Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center is the only office in Carroll County, Maryland offering the SpineMED® system.

What to Expect with Decompression Therapy

The SpineMED® protocol typically consists of 15-20 sessions that are 20 minutes in duration. The procedure has been described as safe, painless and extremely effective. In fact, it’s not uncommon for our patients to fall asleep during the procedure because is it painless and so comfortable! Each session has a cumulative effect, designed to significantly reduce pain and improve function while helping to heal the disc and “unpinch” the nerve.

Is SpineMED® Decompression for You?

SpineMED® is designed to help patients, over the age of 15, whose pain is caused by a damaged lumbar or cervical spinal disc. SpineMED® is a non-surgical, drug-free procedure for those suffering discogenic pain caused by:

• Bulging disc
• Ruptured disc
• “Slipped” disc
• Torn disc
• Herniated disc
• Degenerative disc disease
• Posterior Facet syndrome
• Sciatica (pain down the leg)
• Failed back surgery patients
• Spinal Stenosis
• “Pinched nerve”
• Chronic back pain
• Non-specified mechanical low back or neck pain
• Back/neck pain due to arthritis or “old age”

SpineMED® is not recommended for spinal infection, spinal cancer, severe osteoporosis, post back surgery with hardware fusion, implanted pain stimulators or spinal instability.

Patient Success Stories

“I feel truly blessed for everything your office and staff have done. Having had spinal surgery in once before, this second chance has spared me from doing it again. I wish I had this experience the first time. Pain free is the way to be!” S.L., Westminster, MD

• • • • •

“I had not slept without pain, stinging and burning for nearly two years, and did not get any medical help. I was told spine surgery, or live with it.

My decision was to live with it.

The SpineMED therapy was brought to my attention and I decided to check into it. After meeting Dr. Greg and having him discuss the procedure with me, I decided to have it. After the third treatment – to my amazement – I slept through the night. The treatment has altered my life amazingly and what a delight the personnel has been.” L.E., Westminster, MD

• • • • •

“Before using SpineMed I was having terrific back pain and I was walking with a cane. When I finished there was no pain. I’m not using a cane and I am not taking any pain medication. The staff has been great and I recommend SpineMed!” S.G., Westminster, MD

• • • • •

“My experience with SpineMed was fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone. I went from breathtaking pain to no pain. And getting in and out of the car is much easier now!” N.S., Westminster, MD

• • • • •

“I was barely able to walk when I first came through the door to now, after SpineMed, having next to no pain and feeling better than I have in 10 years!” W.M., Westminster, MD

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