Physical Therapy at Lewis Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Personalized Care for Athletic, Accident, Post-Surgical and Work-Related Injury Recovery.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy Office WestminsterPhysical therapy includes activities performed and modalities applied that decrease pain, improve function and rehabilitate nerves, muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. Physical therapy is appropriate supportive care to the chiropractic adjustment (spinal correction) as well as for rehabilitation after an injury or after a surgical procedure.

We employ the latest science and research in matching our physical therapy protocols to our treatment programs so that you, the patient, receive what you need to heal quickly and get back in the game or back to your life. We have traditional modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound and muscle stimulation, along with gym balls, balance boards, vibration platforms, Bowflex and Total Gym-type technology and other equipment and yoga mats for core stabilization work. We also employ manual therapy, myofascial and Graston-type therapy. Our doctors are licensed by the State of Maryland to perform physical therapy.

Our office has the convenience of physical therapy, chiropractic, Class IV K-Laser therapy, German BEMER magnetic therapy, Juvent micro-impact vibration therapy, rehabilitation, SpineMED Spinal disc decompression therapy and functional medicine-nutrition, ALL UNDER ONE ROOF.custom orthotic scanner

Is Physical Therapy for You?

Our doctors will diagnose you and then make appropriate recommendations. Often physical therapy of some type is included in our plan for your quick recovery and long-term success. Patients with weak core muscles, injured or healing soft tissue and poor posture will benefit from physical therapy along with their care. The good news is that now you don’t have to go to multiple offices. It’s all under one roof in our Westminster office.

Patient Success Stories

“Lewis Family Chiro has an experienced staff, and the latest technology makes this a a great place for treatment and recovery.” R.G., Westminster, MD

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“The work done at Lewis Family Chiropractic has been great. Everything done fixed the problem. Excellent work by all – thanks.” R.P., Westminster, MD

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“Throughout my time here at Lewis Family Chiro I have made incredible improvements thanks to the exercises assigned by the amazing staff. I appreciate the positivity of the staff as they helped me down the road to less pain.” C.B., Westminster, MD

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