Juvent Micro-Impact Platform

Supports total health and wellness plus sports recovery.

How Can the Juvent Micro-Impact Platform Help You?

Juvent Micro-Impact PlatformLewis Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center offers the Juvent Micro-Impact Platform, which supports total health and wellness plus sports recovery. This therapy is an essential part of any fitness program. We incorporate it into our rehabilitation programs and also use it for older patients who want to feel young again and maintain their function.

It is impossible to achieve total health without a sufficient amount of skeletal impact. Skeletal “impact” refers to the normal effects of exercise and movement with gravity. Walking, running, stair climbing, etc. involves small “impacts” between the environment (such as the ground) and your feet and joints – including ankles, knees, hips, spine – going up to your head. Surprisingly this activity stimulates brain function and activates core muscles. Juvent makes it possible to get a daily skeletal impact that is safe, effective and easy.

What to Expect with the Platform

Juvent Health’s patented system uses the science of low-magnitude mechanical impulses to safely exercise your bones, muscles, and joints. The Juvent Health Micro-Impact Platform sends carefully calibrated mechanical energy waves up through your body. These tiny waves stimulate your body and increase blood flow, helping bones and joints recover naturally.

For Bone Strength, Joint Pain, and Balance

The Juvent Platform’s micro-impacts provide soft, controlled impulses to the musculoskeletal system. Research demonstrates that these micro-impacts can help promote bone health, activate stem cells and potentially reduce the effects of osteoporosis. Users also report less joint and muscle pain, including arthritis pain, along with improved balance and stability.

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