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How Can BioPosture Help You?

Bio Posture Memory Foam MattressBioPosture™ has been producing transformational BioMemoryFoam mattresses and pillows for nearly 10 years. Leading Sports Doctors of Chiropractic inspired the architecture of BioPosture mattresses with each mattress designed to provide the optimal combination of superior comfort and orthopedic support. We are proud to be an authorized provider for BioPosture in our Westminster office.

Sleep Matters!

Sleep in a therapeutic environment each night to regenerate, restore and recharge your body!

We are constantly asked in our office “What type of mattress should I be sleeping on?” and “Could my mattress be part of my problem?” We now know that a good quality sleep plays a critical role in regulating immune function, metabolism, as well as influencing memory, learning, and recovery. We are now able to “prescribe” BioPosture™ to our patients at Lewis Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center. It’s unlike any other memory foam mattress on the market and provides the ideal combination of orthopedic support and comfort.

More About BioPosture

BioPosture BedBioPosture products with Celliant technology have been determined to be “Medical Devices” and “General Wellness Products” by the FDA.

Every BioPosture mattress is covered with Celliant®, a patented “smart” bio-functional ceramic textile. This is designed to counter ailments that can rob you of a good night’s sleep. BioPosture mattresses are made without ozone depleters, formaldehyde, BDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants. They also do not contain mercury, lead and other heavy metals. The BioPosture BioMemoryFoam carries the CertiPUR-US® seal. BioPosture mattresses are made in America and made on order. They can be manufactured for you without the mandated chemical flame retardant, when we provide a Letter of Medical Necessity.
BioPosture matttress topper
BioPosture’s adaptive, quick response memory foams are designed for your comfort and support. Changing positions during the night is effortless with the BioMemoryFoam Mattress or topper. BioPosture offers two shapes of pillow, both made from the same BioMemoryFoam used in the mattresses.

We are an Authorized Provider of BioPosture Products

We are proud to offer our patients products and services that help promote their health and wellness. BioPosture enjoys an amazing customer satisfaction of over 99%. Along with BioPosture mattresses, you can also purchase pillows, pillow toppers, power bases, as well as a Kinetic sleep system. Contact us today to learn more.

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