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How Can Bio-Wellness Help You?

Bio Scan Wellness HealthBio-Wellness by G. Lewis, DC provides a personal health assessment of how balanced your body, organs and systems are as compared to a normal range. The Bioscan® medical device measures the function of acupuncture meridians in your hands and feet, which relate to body systems and organs. This is not acupuncture and there are no needles and it’s non-invasive. It’s completely painless!

Using this technology we can assess your over all health status as well as specifically evaluate the functional state of organs and body systems from an energetic standpoint. Disruptions in energy and function eventually lead to disease–so this technology offers the ultimate in wellness and prevention! Find out how your body is doing BEFORE you develop pain or  before you need drugs or surgeries and other medical intervention. Then you can do something about it. An introductory introduction with Dr. Greg and the Bioscan® is complimentary. It just requires and appointment. Learn about it, see it demonstrated, and then decide how healthy and “well” you’d like to be. We will help you get there.

More About BioScan®

Along with assisting with diagnoses, the Bioscan® device can also help identify what remedies your body is asking for. We stock functional medicine** remedies that include homeopathic, herbal and nutritional. These remedies can be tested with the Bioscan. The precise remedy that’s best for you and the ideal dosage can be determined using this technology. Now there is no need for “guess work” with your health. This is in contrast to traditional medicine where many times things are ‘tried” on the patient to see what happens. Using the Bioscan® technology we can see what remedy “balances” the meridian point, thereby allowing for a personal and individual remedy and dosage.

Is Bio-Wellness for You?

Bio-Wellness Westminster MarylandIf you have a health problem and want a natural approach; or if you are curious, ask our staff to schedule a complimentary BioScan®. Dr. Greg will show you this painless and exciting technology. You will receive a print-out of your scan and he will discuss any health issues you’d like to resolve.

Compared to simply managing your symptoms, the BioScan® is an inexpensive alternative and effective option, that can help relieve a lifetime of suffering by focusing on prevention.

We are an Authorized Provider of BrainSpan® Testing

BrainSpan® is the only nutritional and functional cell and brain health assessment, and is available only through authorized health care professionals. A BrainSpan® test kit is inexpensive and contains everything you need to perform at home. You then mail in your test sample to BrainSpan® Labs and we receive your report in about one week.

Patient Success Stories

“I had a lingering cough and bronchitis that would not clear with medication. Dr. Greg used the Bioscan to find remedies that my body needed. Very shortly thereafter it completely cleared.” BJ., Westminster, MD

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“Before working with Bio-Wellness, I saw many doctors who could never figure out what to make of my symptoms. Now, the problem has been detected and homeopathic measures are aiding me on my way to recovery. The customization to your body’s needs really helps get everything working the way it should have been all along.” A.R., Westminster, MD

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*Impedance: The resistance to an electrical current.
**Functional Medicine: (medical/health) practice or treatment that focuses on optimal function, usually involving systems of holistic or alternative medicine. “Functional” medicine is not traditional medicine.

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