BEMER Therapy

German technology stimulating blood flow and healing.

What is the BEMER Device and How Can It Help You?

BEMER Therapy for PainBEMER Technology is an FDA registered class 1 medical device that creates an electromagnetic field similar to that which is produced by planet earth. We cannot survive without the health benefits of the earth’s electromagnetic field. Lying on the BEMER mat envelopes your body in this field which results in immediate improved blood circulation, and improved immune system function. The aging or injured body can only heal faster and more complete if the blood supply and specifically the micro-vascular circulation, found in every body tissue is enhanced. BEMER devices are used in hospitals world-wide.

What to Expect with BEMER Therapy

The sensation of BEMER application is different for every one. Some patients experience a slight feeling of warmth or tingling, some patients feel nothing. Most patients feel relaxed and more alert after the application. The duration of the therapy depends on the severity and duration of the patient’s symptoms, the patient’s age and their life style.

Is BEMER Therapy for You?

Any muscle, joint, nerve, bone-related pain syndrome can benefit from BEMER therapy. BEMER is safe for everyone with only one contraindication: it is not for patients on immune suppressant medication.

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Patient Success Stories

“My experience with BEMER has been softer skin, less dry eye and better vision, sleeping better – less night sweats, hair growth, more energy and more clarity!” M.T., Westminster, MD

• • • • •

“I enjoyed all the treatments. The staff is very accommodating, helpful and friendly. My problem has been corrected with BEMER, SpineMed, Klaser and adjustments. Wonderful experience overall!” J.G., Westminster, MD

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“My experience with BEMER therapy has been fantastic! Sleeping better, overall feeling very good. This time of year I usually feel very sluggish and unmotivated. The Bemer has made a huge improvement!” M.M., Westminster, MD

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