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Success Stories

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All success stories are handwritten by actual Lewis Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center patients.

  • "The burning and aching has greatly diminished. My constant discomfort has now gone to a 10-15 second burst of pain that then goes away."
    J.V., Westminster, MD
  • "I came in with the spine of a 60 year old which would be fine if I was 60 and not 37. 20 visits later I feel more upright and can play more with my 5 year old son. Everyone here is dedicated to getting you back in shape beyond belief. Doctors Nicole and Devin are stellar additions to this strong team."
    T.S., Westminster, MD
  • "My experience with Bemer care has been fantastic! Sleeping better, overall feeling very good. This time of year I usually feel very sluggish and unmotivated. The Bemer has made a huge improvement!"
    M.M., Westminster, MD
  • "I was barely able to walk when I first came through the door to now, after SpineMed, having next to no pain and feeling better than I have in 10 years!"
    W.M., Westminster, MD
  • "I had 3 bulging disks in my back and was in extreme pain. They developed a treatment plan and got me on the road to feeling better right away. I have completed my plan and have never felt better!"
    P.F., Westminster, MD
  • "The experienced staff and the latest technology make this a great place for treatment and recovery."
    R.G., Westminster, MD

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